Bing Search Tests Larger Favicons: See the Side-by-Side Comparisons

Microsoft is currently conducting tests that involve displaying larger favicons in the Bing Search results. These trials aim to evaluate the impact of increased favicon size on user engagement and overall satisfaction. As part of the experimentation process. 

During these tests, the favicons in Bing Search results are noticeably larger than before, making them more prominent and visually appealing. By increasing the size of favicons, Microsoft aims to improve website identification and differentiation for users, helping them navigate search results more effectively.


is testing a new style for favicons! Take a look at the old and new designs side by side. In the past, Bing displayed results without favicons or with small favicons.

cc: @rustybrick

— Shameem Adhikarath (@shemiadhikarath) June 20, 2023

— Shameem Adhikarath (@shemiadhikarath) June 20, 2023

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