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Is Planning for Remarketing & Retargeting Success really worth it?

YES, The strategies and intended audience funnel stage for retargeting and remarketing may differ, even though both techniques aim to boost conversions.

What exactly does retargeting entail?
Retargeting is a strategy utilized to reconnect with individuals who have shown interest in your product or service by taking specific actions either on your website or elsewhere. While retargeting can be implemented across various media channels, it is predominantly employed in online or digital advertising.

Can we consider a display campaign executed on Google Ads, specifically targeting individuals who have visited a specific section of our website, as an instance of retargeting driven by an ‘on-site’ action.

What exactly does “remarketing” refer to?
Remarketing, a strategy used to reconnect with customers or buyers in order to increase sales or promote related products, offers various avenues for implementation. Although commonly associated with email marketing, remarketing is not limited to this medium. With advancements in digital advertising platforms, such as improved customer list uploads and higher match rates, remarketing is gaining traction across these platforms and is expected to expand further. For instance, a unique illustration of remarketing involves a LinkedIn campaign targeting existing customers to promote an upgraded product.
What are the key differences between Retargeting and Remarketing?
The distinction between these two complex strategies boils down to whether you’re engaging with potential leads (retargeting) or enticing existing customers with additional products or upgrades (remarketing).

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